Our Greenline® review is a unique professional consultation service developed by ecology + vision, llc to enhance the offerings of the traditional design industry and ensure ENSURE SUCCESSFUL NATURAL AREAS RESTORATION successful natural areas implementation planning by municipalities or in developments/projects being proposed. redefines a well-established professional design review process that is typically referred to as "redlining." However, a Greenline® is a review of an intermediate design drawing or specification set using our recognizable green inked pens in order to show revisions or corrections that specifically implement and improve overall sustainability of a design and improve the success rates of natural area installations.LOWER COSTS & SOLVE COMMON PROBLEMSOur reviewers may also offer suggestions from a contracting perspective to lower costs or solve common problems with the implementation of natural solutions, adding significant value to your end product.

Greenline® for:

  • Grading Plans
  • Innovative Stormwater Management Planning
  • LEED Landscape Design
  • Native Planting Design
  • Natural Areas Masterplanning
  • Specifications for Native Seed, Planting, Stewardship, and Prescribed Fire
  • Performance Criteria
  • Native Seed Mixes and Native Species Lists
  • Natural Landscaping Plans
  • Concept Plans
  • Accurate Construction Cost Opinions

Project Examples:

IDOT Highway 74 Interchange Prairie Restoration
Ginger Creek Restoration
Serosun Farms

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